Shielding foils made of Mumetall®

Soft magnetic shielding materials shall shield the magnetic scattering of electronic equipment, assembly or switching elements. Here either the scattering equipment part or the scattering of a protected component with a surrounding magnetic shield. Although the shielding effect of foils is lower than that of a finally annealed moulding, the shield factor of foils made of Mumetall® is often more than enough in less critical cases.

In many cases it is sufficient that the component to be shielded is wrapped with a shielding foil. The advantages of shielding foils are for an easier handling and adjustment of the shielding effect through the number of layers. Magnetic shielding foils made of Mumetall® are offered with and without adhesive. The adhesive has a maximum heating stability of 120 ºC.

Tickness mm 0,05 0,1
Standard width mm 155 155
weight per m kg 0,067 0,134
Foil length per kg m 15 7,5
Permeability µ4 8.000ª  
Permeability µmax< 80.000ª  

with adhesive coating µ4 = 4.000

We can offer and deliver narrower widths up to 10 mm or bigger widths up to 260 mm. Foils made from Mumetall® are also available by the meter.

Shields made of Vitrovac®

Shielding foils and bands made of Vitrovac® 625 combine for soft magnetic materials an unusually high hardness and flexibility with a significantly higher permeability compared to Mumetall® permeability. Another feature of Vitrovac® 6025 is the insensitivity to elastic deformation. Therefore, the shielding is not dependent on the bend radius.

Flexible cables with small diameters are the main applications.

Shielding foils made of Vitrovac® are available in widths up to 50 mm. The thickness of the foil is 0.025 mm to 0.035 mm.

Thickness mm 0,025 0,035
Width mm Bis 50  
Permeability µ4 25.000  
Permeability µmax< 100.00  

Foils made of Vitrovac® can be supplied with or without adhesive. This is as standard deliverable from 10 mm of the foil width. Smaller widths are also supplied with adhesive on request.

General tips and application hints

When using the screening foils, bending of the foil should be avoided as far as possible as the material properties can be negatively influenced. A shield can be achieved with the help of the foil by the wrapping of the interference source or sink. In addition, closed shapes should be looked for.

  • Avoid bending the foil
  • Forming the shield by wrapping the cores
  • Looking for the closed form
  • Apertures: overlapping of the foil

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