The shielding effect depends on the permeability of the material, the band thickness and the size of the part to be shielded.

Through many layers, the component can be better shielded and the requirements adjusted. For the closed shielding cap, the relationship of the screen factor Sº of a thin-walled bowl is:

S = (Ha / Hi) = (4 / 3) x (d / D) x µr ) + 1

For long empty cylinders in a magnetic field, the formula for a thin-wall shielding is:

S = (Ha / Hi) = (d / D) x µr) + 1

Ha = the external field to be shielded
Hi = the rest field inside the shielding
D = the medium diameter of the direction of field
d = wall thickness (thickness x number of layers)
µr = relative permeability, mostly replaced by µ4

º in Decibels: db = 20 log (Ha / Hi) = 20 log S

The Haug Group: More than distribution.

As a medium-sized corporate group, the Haug Group stands for more than just electronics distribution. In addition to the distribution of electronic components, the Haug Group focuses on cable assembly, inductors and shielding solutions for low-frequency fields.

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