Mumetall® is a nickel–iron alloy with a nickel amount of about 70 – 80 %. The alloy belongs to the soft magnetic materials, which are available today. The material is characterised by a high initial and maximum permeability, as well as a low coercivity. Mumetall® is available at the same time, at a relatively low saturation of polarisation.

Mumetall® is applied preferably with small and middle interference fields. The material is deliverable in many shapes e.g. foils, bands, sheets or rods.




Vitrovac® is an amorphous material, characterised by the absence of a periodic crystalline atomic arrangement. Due to its special atomic structure, the amorphous metals are soft magnetic but mechanically hard at the same time. In comparison to foil made of Mumetall®, there is a higher permeability. A main characteristic is the further insensitivity to elastic deformation. As a result of this, the screening effect is dependent on the bend radius.

The basic standard Vitrovac® 6025 on offer is a magnetic constriction free Cobalt- base with a very high permeability and extreme low magnetising losses at high frequencies. The material can be used without extra heat treatment.


The following table provides a brief overview of the different properties of both materials, and to compare the characteristic values of the available material Permenorm®:

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