Individual solutions for EMC problems

Individual solutions for EMC problems

In many cases, devices or facilities are adversely affected by electromagnetic interference fields and thus are impaired in their functionality. We offer our customers individual solutions for this and support up to the finished product.

Magnetic shielding is an important safety measure for the protection of electronic parts, equipment and appliances against electromagnetic interference fields.

Shielding protects sensitive parts or equipment against the interference fields in the surrounding or vice versa, to prevent the disruptive influence on the surrounding by the components where the electromagnetic fields are created. The main problem, the opposing influencing of the equipment or the facilities, under the generic title of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) is not a new phenomenon but has been there since the beginning of electrical engineering.

There have been many norms and rules written to limit and control these known problems, and every newly-produced equipment has to comply to them. One of this is the compliance of emission standards, the maximum limit for emission values set for each equipment. On the other hand, there are rules for the interference, such as the stability to a certain extent against interference.

The regulations about electromagnetic compatibility are valid for the manufacture and use of electrical and electronic equipment in the majority of the European community. Similarly, this applies also to the equipment imported from third countries.

Our company has been for many years concerned with the solution of EMC-problems. The offered product and service range focuses primarily on shielding in low-frequency fields. In this area, we offer various materials, also in different delivery forms depending on the request. We offer the complete range, from the delivery of standard sheets to more complex forms, which are made available to us by our various manufacturing processes. As well as the final heat treatment of the shielding process.

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The Haug Group: More than distribution.

As a medium-sized corporate group, the Haug Group stands for more than just electronics distribution. In addition to the distribution of electronic components, the Haug Group focuses on cable assembly, inductors and shielding solutions for low-frequency fields.

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