Fujitsu Electronics FRAM products now available from the Haug Group

Written at Tuesday, 30 April 2019 13:53, Published in Haug Group
FUJITSU was the first manufacturer to produce FRAM in series and has now been providing top quality products for 20 years thanks to its proprietary FRAM technology. FRAM is a non-volatile memory that achieves extremely fast standard access speeds and almost infinite write and erase cycles.

The product portfolio of Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) products on parallel I/F, serial SPI and serial I²C interfaces ranges from 4Kbit up to 8Mbit. Packages start from the SOP-8 and reach up to FBGA-48 at 8Mbit. Newer deriva­tives, especially for the automotive sector (125°C), have the desired AECQ100 with a density of up to 64Kbit in an SOP-8 package.

Possible areas of application include backup, metering, data logger and battery management applications. Further information can be found in our current press release.

The Haug Group now offers innovative storage solutions thanks to Fujitsu FRAM products. The common goal of the Haug Group and Fujitsu is to offer our customers real added value and technical service.





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Dominik Peuker

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